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3 Scenarios You Can Avoid By Having a Spares Security Package At Your Facility


While it may seem unnecessary to keep spare parts for your UV system on hand at your facility, it can end up being rather costly. If your UV system is down for an extended period of time it will dramatically impact your process and hurt your business. By keeping a simple spares security package on hand, it will be possible to mitigate any of these potential scenarios that could negatively impact your business and get your system back to full capacity as quickly as possible. Here are just three examples of scenarios that can be avoided by keeping spare parts at your facility:

Scenario 1: Your UV-C system is always running fine and receives good service all the time. Most likely you will think, why should I keep extra spares on the shelf as I can call Service when it is giving an alarm?

In many cases you are right, but what about when our service team did just visit you and installed the required spares to keep your system running for another year and during that same day your new lamp fails to start? For sure this will be warranty, but our engineer is already at their next customer and most likely can come back to sort it next day earliest or even longer. This will mean your system will be down for 1-3 days from now. What will be your internal cost for this?

Scenario 2: Your well-maintained UV-C system is giving a Low UV alarm. As most customers will do, you pick up the phone and order a new lamp as this will be most likely causing this alarm. Your order is acknowledged, and you are facing a 2-week lead time?

Although we always try to have all needed spares for each system available in our warehouse, this sometimes can happen. We just shipped out the last one to your colleague company as we have an unexpected quantity of orders coming in for this type of lamp or due to Brexit this type’s lead time is longer compared to normal.

Scenario 3: You ordered your spares for doing maintenance on your UV-C system well in time, spares arrived and internally the maintenance is scheduled. During the maintenance your technical staff do break a quartz sleeve by dropping it on the floor. The effect of this common failure can have great impact as the UV-C system should run at end of workday and your production is down now. How to solve this?

Having a security package (all most occurring failing parts in minimum quantity) available on your shelf! This will solve system failures instantly. Grab the spare quartz sleeve from this package and use it to complete your planned UV-C system service. Order a new quartz sleeve at our office to have your security package complete again.

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