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Aquionics Launches New UVSwim™ UV Disinfection System for Pools

Integrated Hanovia UV technology guarantees total disinfection

Aquionics’ new UVSwim™ UV range provides safe and efficient disinfection of pool water while removing harmful chloramines. Powered by technology from aquatics disinfection expert Hanovia, the UVSwim incurs lower capital and operating costs than comparable UV systems.

The UVSwim simultaneously disinfects while improving water quality for swimmers. Water passing through the system is exposed to UV light, which destroys microorganisms on a cellular level. When coupled with chlorine treatment, UVSwim provides a highly effective second barrier against infection by chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as cryptosporidium. UV light also destroys chloramines, the harmful byproduct of chlorine disinfection responsible for strong odors, skin and eye irritation, and damage to pool equipment.

SwimLine U

The UVSwim contains features designed to reduce operating costs by eliminating wasted power and materials. Power Stepping™ technology is included as standard, and allows facilities to cut power consumption by limiting operation to only what is needed to maintain the required disinfection level. The system’s controller provides continuous UV monitoring to alert for low UV, power failures or other changes. An input is also available to allow connection to a chemical controller, further reducing total operating costs.

The Hanovia UVlux™ broad spectrum UV lamps used in the UVSwim range feature the latest technology in medium pressure lamps and optimal efficiency. The system also incorporates an automatic quartz sleeve wiping system that reduces maintenance and extends lamp life.

The compact UVSwim is available in a range of u-shaped and in-line configurations for easy installation in new builds, or incorporation into existing water treatment systems. All models in the product range have passed rigorous 3rd party validations to meet NSF standards and exceed USEPA disinfection guidelines.