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Aquionics UVSwim Now NSF/ ANSI Standard 50-2012 Certified

The UVSwim I line of pool and spa disinfection systems by Aquionics has become the first complete UV system range to achieve the new NSF/ ANSI Standard 50-2012 certification. The certification applies to all seven models of UVSwim I from 100+ to 4500+.

The NSF/ ANSI Standard 50-2012 certifies the design, construction and performance of the UVSwim I system, including the full inactivation of the parasite cryptosporidium. In addition to the new certification, all models also have approval to drinking water standards in the U.S. (U.S. EPA) and Germany (DVGW).

Water passing through the UVSwim I is exposed to specific wavelengths of UV light, which destroy microorganisms on a cellular level. When coupled with chlorine treatment, the system provides a highly effective second barrier against chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as cryptosporidium. The amount of chlorine required to maintain safe conditions is dramatically reduced. UV treatment also eliminates chloramines, the byproduct of chlorine disinfection that can damage pool equipment and cause skin and eye irritation.