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Berson’s commitment to excellence is second to none

Berson has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence – this time as a subcontractor.

JN Bentley, a leading UK construction company, has awarded Berson a ‘Top 25% Subcontractor Award’. “We’re absolutely delighted,” said Berson’s Sales and Marketing Director Xander Lamers. “According to JN Bentley the score signals ‘outstanding performance’, which is something we strive to achieve for all our customers. However, it is always encouraging to receive official recognition like this.”

The award covers the following areas:

  • Quality of product and workmanship
  • Communication and level of service provided
  • Timeliness of delivery and adherence to programme
  • Attention to health and safety issues
  • Attention to environmental issues
  • Innovation and design ideas
  • Submission of method statements, risk assessment and CoSHH information
  • Submission of test certificates, operation and maintenance information and as built drawings
  • Invoicing and application for payment (timeliness and accuracy)
  • Changes to order and variations from initial scope