Freitag, Januar 22nd, 2021

Benötigen Sie Ersatzteile? OEM ist der richtige Weg

Von Saumya Garg (aus dem Englischen übersetzt) Ultraviolette (UV) Systeme zur Desinfektion von Wasser bestehen aus mehreren entscheidenden Teilen, die für eine optimale Leistung sorgen. In den beigefügten Wartungsdokumenten dieser Systeme sind diese Teile eindeutig angegeben und die Intervalle für Austausch und Wartung aufgeführt. Kurz gesagt, die Teile, die häufig besondere Aufmerksamkeit erfordern, sind: Ein 

Freitag, September 18th, 2020

Disrupting traditional aquaculture with Recirculating Systems (RAS)

by Saumya Garg & Arielle Numbro Land-based recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) is a partially closed loop aquaculture technology that has recently gained widespread market acceptance and scale. RAS is not only environmentally sustainable but also helps conserve water in modern aquaculture systems. The technology also enables a better control over the farm environment, greatly reducing 

Mittwoch, Juni 13th, 2018

Water Quality is the Key to Successful Fish Farming

Fish Farming has been the fastest-growing food production sector over the past 20 years and the global trade in fish and fishery products has seen record growth over the past seven years. Countries such as the US, Japan, France and Spain are the consumption leaders and sales are forecast to hit $150bn in 2018, an 

Donnerstag, Oktober 13th, 2016

UV Disinfection provides effective, chemical-free treatment for fish farming

by Dan Shaver, September 2016 The issues of water scarcity and the overall decline in water quality in our environment due to pollution have a direct impact on many industries around the world. When it comes to water in our natural environment, the quantity and quality of water available is an important topic for those