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Orca GmbH joins the Halma Group of UV Companies

The Halma Group of UV Companies (Hanovia, Berson, and Aquionics) are excited to welcome Orca GmbH as the newest addition. Orca GmbH brings more than 20 years in expertise, specializing in UVC disinfection applications for air and surface.

“I’m pleased to welcome Orca to our team. The combination of Orca’s UV technology in Air and Surface treatment and our sales and service footprint across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia is a perfect match that will allow Orca to support a much wider customer base.  Once combined with our water expertise we believe we can offer a holistic UV approach to facility hygiene which should resonate strongly with our customers in high care environments such as Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical manufacture.” said John Ryan, Managing Director of the Halma Group of UV Companies.

Orca GmbH was founded in 1998 and is based near Cologne, Germany. Their philosophy of high-quality customer advisory service has been central to their product development and overall growth during their history.

In 2014, Orca GmbH started production of their “UVpro“ systems, focusing in Air and Surface UV Disinfection. The UVpro program can provide solutions for applications in industrial ventilation, air conditioning, air recirculation disinfection, and conveyor belt and general surface disinfection. The surface disinfection applications are particularly suited for food processors.

The addition of Orca GmbH will allow the Halma Group of UV Companies to offer an even more extensive line of UV disinfection solutions for all their customer’s needs in water, air, and surface disinfection. So, this new partnership will also greatly expand Orca GmbH’s market exposure, accelerating their future opportunities for growth.

“After years of developing the UVpro range of devices for air and surface disinfection and the steady growth in Germany and the surrounding European area, the step into global distribution was on. With its global network and sales teams and close contact with global players in the food industry, the Halma Group is the ideal partner for our goals. The High-Quality Standard in production and the constant striving for optimization and innovation in connection with intensive customer service are common values ​​that bind us together for the future. Right from the start, we had the feeling that with the Halma Group we have the perfect partner at our side for the next steps in development.” said Dr. Michael Calenberg, CTO of Orca GmbH.

To learn how the latest UV technology can improve water, air, and surface treatment within your operation, visit www.weuvcare.com and www.uvpro.de.