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Disrupting traditional aquaculture with Recirculating Systems (RAS)

by Saumya Garg & Arielle Numbro

Land-based recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) is a partially closed loop aquaculture technology that has recently gained widespread market acceptance and scale. RAS is not only environmentally sustainable but also helps conserve water in modern aquaculture systems.

The technology also enables a better control over the farm environment, greatly reducing biosecurity risks and disease outbreaks.

With RAS, fish farmers can efficiently manage feed and oxygen levels, thus providing a healthier growth environment. RAS facilities can be set up closer to the consumer market enabling shortened supply chains and a reduced carbon footprint of the facility.

Given the benefits associated with the technology, the last few years have seen a significant uptick in the number of large aquaculture facilities based on RAS technology. Globally, over 50 RAS projects for salmon farming are under development, with most of the projects aiming for a production capacity of 5,000 to 35,000 metric tons.

aquaculture system

Simply put, RAS involves multi-step treatment of water to make it suitable for reuse in the system. Water treatment steps involve solids removal, filtration, denitrification, oxidation & disinfection.

Since RAS are partially closed systems, a small percentage of fresh water is required to supplement the tanks. This makes water disinfection a critical part of any RAS based operation. Our RASLine range of UV products are especially designed to meet this vital need of a RAS facility.

What makes RASLine UV system unique?

The RASLine range has been developed to serve as the perfect fit for a recirculating aquaculture system.

The RASLine units have low maintenance costs and a small equipment footprint that enables them to be retrofitted to any existing process. These UV units provide several benefits:


Approved by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI), a leading center of expertise in biosecurity in fish and land animals, the RASLine PQ IL™ system is built for critical disinfection (those that require approvals) and for low UVT applications.


Suitable for clear waters, the RASLine D EO™ is a USEPA validated, energy optimized general disinfection system that integrates an innovative single medium pressure lamp chamber design with sensors and intelligent control technology to automatically deliver optimum disinfection performance with high operational efficiency.



The RASLine D PH™ system is a versatile system that is suitable for a wide range of uncertified general disinfection applications across a range of UVTs and flows.

To learn more about how we can help you prepare for the future with our RASLine range, get in touch with our experts today.