martes, febrero 14th, 2023

Get a glimpse of the future

Our four legacy companies – Hanovia, Berson, Aquionics and Orca—have different backgrounds and stories, but share one common objective: to innovate and apply UV technology for chemical-free disinfection across a range of facilities. The Halma Group brought us together not only for our joint values, but for our distinct differences, both in the areas in 

viernes, enero 20th, 2023

Why do you need OEM parts for your UV?

When keeping your water treatment systems running efficiently, it is important to replace the consumable components periodically. This includes the UV lamp, quartz sleeve, UV Monitor, and O ring seals, all of which work together to ensure that your water is properly treated. If any of these components become damaged or are not functioning properly, 

miércoles, noviembre 30th, 2022

The Importance Of Original UV Spare Parts For Your UV System

UV Systems are exceptional at what they do, comprising multiple vital parts that work together seamlessly. All the parts in a UV system are designed exclusively for that system, so maintaining and replacing them with Original UV spare parts is crucial. The rise of non-original UV parts has left many customers with faulty systems. If 

lunes, febrero 21st, 2022

Can Chlorine and UV be good partners for water disinfection?

Both Chlorine and UV disinfection systems are two of the most popular methods used to disinfect water world wide. Together they can be used to provide some of the purest water. While Chlorine is extremely useful to water disinfection processes, it isn’t without its downsides. Chlorine has by-products that can be cancer risk to humans 

viernes, febrero 18th, 2022

3 of the challenges to wastewater disinfection

UV disinfection systems can be an important tool in any disinfection process for wastewater. Unlike some other applications, there are a number of different variables and varying regulations that can play into how a UV system is designed for wastewater disinfection. Three of the bigger challenges that are faced when disinfecting wastewater are raw water 

viernes, enero 21st, 2022

UV Technology for Municipal Water Applications

Municipal Water Disinfection can greatly benefit from UV Technology. UV water treatment systems can be applied in reuse water, drinking water, and wastewater disinfection applications. Earlier this week our EMEA team hosted a webinar walking through these different municipal water applications that UV can be used for. Click on the video below to view the 

martes, diciembre 14th, 2021

3 Scenarios You Can Avoid By Having a Spares Security Package At Your Facility

While it may seem unnecessary to keep spare parts for your UV system on hand at your facility, it can end up being rather costly. If your UV system is down for an extended period of time it will dramatically impact your process and hurt your business. By keeping a simple spares security package on 

viernes, diciembre 3rd, 2021

Aquaculture Chats: ESG Investing in Aquaculture

Brian: Could you expand a little bit more about what ESG is in general and then we can talk more specifically about how it applies to Aquaculture? Sunny: So you might have heard about the term “Corporate Social Responsibility”, which was a very popular term in the last 20 years until the last 10 years 

miércoles, noviembre 17th, 2021

What is the difference between Medium Pressure and Low Pressure UV Lamps?

There are many factors to consider when looking into what type of UV treatment system to implement into your production process. To ensure you are selecting the right equipment for your goals, it is important to understand the difference between Medium Pressure and Low Pressure Lamps. So what is the difference between these two types 

martes, noviembre 16th, 2021

Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. UV De-chlorination

Square Pharmaceuticals Limited, the flagship company of Square Group, is holding the strong leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh since 1985 and is now on its way to becoming a high-performance global player. It is the largest pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh and it has been continuously in the 1st position among all national