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Did you know that you can remove free chlorine with a UV System?

Chlorine is being used as the most common disinfectant in water treatment processes. Municipal water works are using chlorine as a residual disinfectant to maintain hygienic conditions within the public drinking water network, feeding both domestic and industrial consumers. In addition, many industrial users also dose chlorine within their water treatment processes, either to secure the water supply or as a CIP chemical for process equipment.

Free chlorine is added to the water by gas chlorination or liquid chlorination using either sodium or calcium hypochlorite.

Hanovia UV systems for removal of free chlorine are specially designed for the Food and Beverage Market and the Pharmaceutical Industry. The generation of process water within the Industrial Market requires a multitude of treatment technologies to ensure that specific water conditions are maintained. For producing ultra clean water the use of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Electro-Deionisation (EDI) is now very common. The membranes used in these technologies are intolerant to chlorine and typically, have expensive membranes will exhibit shorter lifetimes when exposed to chlorine in the water they are treating. For this reason, the removal of free chlorine prior to RO and EDI is very important.

In comparison to proven methods of removing free chlorine, such as Activated Carbon Filters (ACF) and Sodium Metabisulphite (SMB), Hanovia UV de-chlorination provides distinct advantages such as:

  • Minimises bacterial contamination and biofilm formation
  • Requires minimal operator input or maintenance
  • Is Chemical Free
  • Has no water wastage
  • Reduces downtime for the process through less frequent CIP / SIP
  • Continuously monitors the UV lamp performance
  • Has a compact footprint

Hanovia UV systems for de-chlorination are using medium pressure UV lamp only. Medium Pressure UV provides high intensity, UV light at wavelengths from 200 to 400nm (ideal for the destruction of free chlorine). The applied UV dose is much higher than for standard disinfection, so as well as removing free chlorine, the system can disinfect microorganisms at the same time.

The UV de-chlorination equations for free chlorine (Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and hypochlorite ion (OCl-) can be depicted simply as:

The UV de-chlorination equations for free chlorine

By using Hanovia UV Dechlorination system, our customers like beverage manufacturers, soft drink producers or pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies are protecting their RO`s and EDI’s. The benefits are minimal bacteria build-up, low frequency of system down-time and optimised running costs.

Read our latest Case Story De-chlorination, about a pharmaceutical installation of one of our UV systems for de-chlorination in Turkey:

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