We UVcare is Berson UV, Hanovia UV and Aquionics UV working together to protect the World’s water without using chemicals


Get a glimpse of the future

Our four legacy companies – Hanovia, Berson, Aquionics and Orca—have different backgrounds and stories, but share one common objective: to innovate and apply UV technology for chemical-free disinfection across a range of facilities. The Halma Group brought us together not only for our joint values, but for our distinct differences, both in the areas in which we operate and in the ways we have applied UV technologies to support nature’s purity with science.

Protecting water, surface and air with UV technology

As we worked to become We UVCare, we honed a common purpose and mission: together we protect people and processes from harmful contamination by innovating UV technology for a healthier, more sustainable world. Our combined forces achieve what no other company can offer – full-facility chemical-free disinfection for water, surface and air.

Together, we have combined vast resources with regional touchpoints to bring us even closer to our global customers. Equally, we fostered our shared values of trust, reliability and scientific innovation, underpinned by an unwavering focus on delivering solutions our customers can rely on.

Sustainability at our core

As part of Halma, we strive to discover new sectors and applications for our technology. With our rich and pioneering heritage spanning almost a century, we have the market experience and technological knowledge to develop solutions that solve specific industry problems. For our customers, that means we leverage and continually innovate UV technology as a chemical-free alternative to water treatments, air and surface disinfection, and many more.

The next chapter is coming

Why are we telling you of all this? Because we are ready to embark upon our next phase of innovating UV technology for a healthier, more sustainable world. We will soon announce our future plans for how we will up our game in protecting people and processes from harmful contamination.

Stay tuned for updates!