We UVcare is Berson UV, Hanovia UV and Aquionics UV working together to protect the World’s water without using chemicals


Halma Companies Providing Pharmaceutical Automated Process Solutions

Automation has become an important innovation element for several industries. In the Pharmaceutical Industry, automation has been essential to providing scalable solutions to provide higher levels of production while maintaining a high level of quality assurance.

Purified Water generation is a vital raw material to most pharmaceutical operations and requires compliance to international pharmacopeia monograms where bacterial limits are set. Hanovia and Aqionics UV provide bio-security through accurate UV light generation and measurement. UV technology provides measurement and delivery of the proper UV dose for inactivation of target pathogens. Our Pharmaline range of UV systems ensure automated water purity and pathogen inactivation using variable electronic ballast to achieve the proper UV dose even with changing process variables.

The Halma group of companies provides the solutions to help with automating the entire pharmaceutical production process. Halma companies provide Life Cycle Support in Lab-based R&D, Process development, and Regulatory Considerations while designing custom solutions with your engineering team specific to your process needs.

For more information on how UV technology or how other Halma company solutions can fit into the pharmaceutical production process, review the process map and contact information below.

halma pharmaceutical process map
halma company product info

Looking for more information on the Pharmaline range of UV Systems? A member from our sales team would be happy to discuss with you how a UV system would be beneficial to your system. Click here to get in contact with our sales team.