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Municipal UV – Our ProLine range

Drinking water solutions

With increasing pressure on water supplies from population growth, urbanisation and industrialisation, providing high quality drinking water whether from natural springs, boreholes or surface water sources, has never been more important.

UV is a long-established technology for disinfecting drinking water – it was first used in Europe in1910, although it didn’t become popular until much later. In fact and our company installed the first full scale Drinking water system in the USA at Fort Benson in 1986 and that system is still going strong.

Today, UV has advanced to meets the strict requirements and regulations of international and local bodies for validated and efficient performance. Modern UV technology is an ideal addition to process engineers’ multi-barrier tool box. It removes the health threat from water-borne pathogens without creating the toxic disinfection by-products produced of chemical disinfection.

From the E.coli bacteria to the Cryptosporidium protozoa and Adenovirus, UV provides effective treatment, ensuring the complete inactivation of these pathogens and safe drinking water.

All our drinking water products are validated to either USEPA, DVGW or JWRC requirements. All accept inputs from flow meters and UVT meters to optimise the energy input. Some of our models have built in UVT compensation, eliminating the need for complex UVT instrumentation, simplifying their installation and maintenance. Another major advantage of our “Application Optimised UV” approach for small community drinking water treatment.


Wastewater solutions

The increased demand for water supplies also puts increased pressure on wastewater treatment plants. Many traditional wastewater treatment plants pump their treated effluent into watercourses, canals, rivers, estuaries and the sea. In many parts of the world there is little or no regulation of these discharges. However, a growing number of countries now have legislation policed by regulators to ensure watercourses and seas are not polluted, protecting drinking water catchments, bathers, and the environment in general.

These wastewater treatment processes require better, more efficient and less chemical-intensive disinfection technologies. Many countries still use chlorine, but the more we learn about the impact of chlorine and it biproducts, more and more utilities are now switching to UV disinfection, which is much more environmentally friendly and has no adverse effect on aquatic life.

For wastewater applications we offer a wide range of products suited to the low and variable UVTs encountered on the outlet of Wastewater treatment plants.


Reuse solutions

Reuse refers to the process where wastewater undergoes multi-stage treatment processes to produce high quality water which can be used for irrigation or pumped back into reservoirs, aquifers or back into drinking water or industrial plants. In many arid regions of the world waste water reuse is fast becoming the only option to meet growing demand for water.

UV plays an increasingly important role in waste water reuse, protecting people and the environment from pathogens. Usually part of a multibarrier process many of our products have been third part validated within those process line-ups to ensure that they offer the protection you need.


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