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New Aquionics UV System Designed to Help Milk Producers Comply with FDA PMO

by Allen Bradley PMO controls feature built-in data collection and reporting

The new PureLine PQ with PMO controls package from Aquionics provides third party validated UV treatment for the dairy producing industry. The system contains built-in data collection and reporting compliant with the Food and Drug Administration’s 2015 Pasteurized Milk Ordinance guidelines. PMO guidelines approved the use of UV for the continuous treatment and disinfection of incoming water sources, condensate of whey (COW), polished water, reverse osmosis (RO) water, permeate and pasteurized equivalent water (PEW).


Designed in partnership with automation specialist Allen Bradley, the new PureLine controls handle the complete fulfillment of PMO requirements, including inlet/outlet and divert valve control. The system uses variable power to ensure only the energy needed to meet the performance requirements is used. Aquionics PureLine PQ has a small footprint and is easily installed directly into existing pipework.

PMO required data can be accessed directly on the PureLine PQ touch screen display, with no need for an external laptop computer. The PureLine system also features a USB port to download reports at any time.

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