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How Ultraviolet systems help to ‘Ensure Microbial Protection’ of your process water

Ken and mark

UV disinfection expert Aquionics will demonstrate the benefits of UV science within the food and beverage market in their upcoming webinar on June 30. The 60-minute webinar, “How Ultraviolet systems help to ‘Ensure Microbial Protection’ of your process water” is available to attendees at no cost. Registration is available at the following link: https://bit.ly/1IO5THe.

Hosted by Aquionics Technical Director Mark Aston and Sales Director Ken Kershner, the webinar will lay out the advantages of using UV for industrial beverage production. Attendees will learn about UV disinfection best practices for reuse and wastewater disinfection, possible causes of contamination, the differences in UV lamp technologies, and how UV works to eliminate the threat of resistant bacteria in water and sugar syrup. The presentation will conclude with a live Q&A.

Those unable to participate in the event on June 30 may still register and view the webinar and presentation slides at a later date.

For more information about Aquionics and its family of products, explore this website or call 1-800-925-0440.