Optimised Industrial UV Applications

Industrial UV:

Although we use the term industrial to broadly separate this product range from the Municipal and Domestic style UV systems, we fundamentally believe that there is no such thing as an Industrial UV. We believe there is a Pharmaceutical UV , a Food and Beverage UV , a Swimming Pool UV etc. At this level the specification of a UV system within each segment has common characteristics that allow us to standardise our products into “Application Optimised UV” product ranges . Flow rates, Power levels , UVT levels , Target organisms, Fit , form and function such as connection types, internal finish specifications and electrical specifications are all influenced by the market sector you work in.

Think of it another way… does it make sense that a Pharmaceutical company would use the same UV system as a swimming pool company?

Don’t accept a General purpose UV, it can’t be optimum for You.

That’s why when you want a UV for a swimming pool we offer you a SwimLine, or if you work in the Pharmaceutical sector you will be offered a PharmaLine and so on depending on your sector.

But beyond making it simple for you to identify which products you need knowing that the product has been optimised for you, consider the other advantages that come with this philosophy. Your feedback feeds directly into our NPD which allows us to further refine the offering for each market sector. Our people become increasingly knowledgeable about your needs as your specifications are locked into the product itself, and repeatability allows us to deliver quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as we are customising by application rather than building to order.

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