PharmaLine DO

Pharmaline DO is applied in purified and highly purified water systems

Our PharmaLine DO UV systems are designed based on cGMP principles specifically for providing ozone destruction for pharmaceutical purified water distribution loops. When installed in a distribution loop the PharmaLine DO will remove residual ozone dosed into the water to maintain microbiological integrity.

PharmaLine DO

The UV system can be remotely controlled to turn off to allow residual ozone to disinfect the purified water loop during a SIP and then be turned on again to remove the ozone before the loop is put back into service. Each system comes with a UV monitor / UV sensor to measure the lamp output making it easy to monitor and log performance. The UV systems are all single lamp design with long lamp life providing reduced operating costs.

Possible location of UV systems in a typical Pharmaceutical water system.

PharmaLine DO UV System