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Aquionics Photon PMD New Feature Further Reduces Pool Operating Costs

Power Switching allows automatic water monitoring and disinfection

Erlanger, Kentucky (November 18, 2011) – The Aquionics Photon PMD range of UV disinfection systems now further reduces pool operating and maintenance costs with its new Power Switching feature.

The Aquionics PhotonPMD

The Aquionics PhotonPMD with new Power Switching feature

Photon PMD disinfection systems were developed for use in swimming pools, water parks and other aquatic leisure facilities. Photon units use UV lights to destroy chloramines, which develop in all swimming pools and cause unpleasant odors, skin and eye irritation and can damage steel structures in surrounding enclosures. Pools using a UV disinfection system also require lower chlorine levels to maintain cleanliness, reducing operating costs for management.

Aquionics’ Photon PMD systems offer the new Power Switching feature, allowing users to automate the UV disinfection process. The new feature continuously monitors the water and maintains a predetermined UV dosage (for disinfection or chloramine control) regardless of bather load or water quality. By reducing unit activity to an as-needed basis, Power Switching extends lamp life and reduces energy usage.