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The Importance Of Original UV Spare Parts For Your UV System

UV Systems are exceptional at what they do, comprising multiple vital parts that work together seamlessly. All the parts in a UV system are designed exclusively for that system, so maintaining and replacing them with Original UV spare parts is crucial.

The rise of non-original UV parts has left many customers with faulty systems. If your UV system is down for a long period, it can have a considerable knock-on effect on your process and business.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your UV system with authentic original parts on hand in times of need. Additionally, if you start to use non-genuine UV parts in your UV system, you will not only be affecting the quality of the products but jeopardise your access to excellent customer service and aftercare.

The maintenance documents with UV systems clearly state that replacement and service of key parts are necessary. Some of the most vital parts are:

  • UV Lamp – UV lamps age over time and are one of the most crucial parts of a UV system used for disinfection.
  • Sensors – UV Sensors help to measure UV dose intensity and temperature for real-time monitoring.
  • Quartz Tube – Scaling agents like magnesium, calcium and iron in the water get deposited on the quartz tube. This can lead to UV being blocked, so cleaning your tube and replacing it every two years is essential.
  • O-Rings and other elastomers – these parts can wear over time, especially if parts are being disassembled. Most elastomers on a UV system are critical to ensuring water does not enter key electrical components. Replacing them as recommended by the manufacturer is critical.

We have spent years researching and perfecting each part of a UV system to work harmoniously together. Therefore, there are several repercussions of opting for non-original UV spare parts.

Here are the key reasons you should purchase original UV spare parts for your system:

Quality Products

When you invest in our UV systems, you know you are getting industry-leading components that result in excellent performance and longevity. As we have thousands of systems installed worldwide, we encourage all our customers to come back to us when they need a new part for their UV systems.

Manufacturers have spent years researching system designs to create spare parts that work seamlessly with the system. As a result, the UV systems are designed to work with specific parts and components for maximum efficiency and performance. Unfortunately, the increase in non-genuine parts decreases UV systems performance and quality, which can significantly affect your business.

In times of emergency, many opt for non-original parts over original UV spare parts to drive costs down. However, it can severely affect your business and system.

For example, if you have a UV system in place to disinfect swimming pool water, which may also be providing chloramine reduction, if you have opted to replace a spare part with a non-genuine component, it could cause a fault and result in the pool not being clean or safe, in turn affecting your business and profits until the issue is fixed.

In every business, it is important to keep it safe and running, which is why the importance of investing in original UV spare parts should be of high priority for you and your business.

Product Warranty

Often overlooked and forgotten about is the warranty. Unfortunately, the warranty can be invalidated if you use a non-original part in a UV system.

The warranty covers you for any faults in the system; however, if you have decided to use a non-genuine part, the warranty cannot cover it. Therefore, if you then experience a fault from the non-original part, it can jeopardise your whole system’s warranty.

Our warranty programme is designed to cover you and your system should there be any issues. However, this becomes void once you use non-genuine parts in your UV system.

Technical and Customer Support

We provide world-class technical and service support alongside our warranty programme. The aim is to assist when there are faulty parts or any defects. Therefore, investing in original UV spare parts ensures you receive technical support after installation.

If you use non-original parts, it can lead to us not being able to support your technical queries. Typically, non-genuine parts can cause the system to have inefficiencies. Consequently, our technical aftercare support teams could not assist with the fault.

Investing in original UV spare parts is vital to ensure you receive the best level of support and care for your UV system.

Product Life

When you opt for non-genuine parts, such as UV lamps and quartz sleeves, it has been found that they reach their end of life much quicker than genuine parts. This is due to the lack of research and poor design choices of non-original parts.

By the very nature of materials and technology uses, the lifespan of a UV lamp is finite. However, opting for original spare parts compatible with your UV system will increase the UV lamp’s life expectancy.

Cutting corners and opting for an emergency stop-gap solution can severely impact your UV system and business. Therefore, although it might cost more to invest in an original spare part, it will last you longer and save you money in the long run.


Opting for original parts is essential to ensure faulty spare parts do not harm your business. So often, non-genuine parts are chosen to cut costs and provide a quick-fix solution. However, in the long run, you pay the higher cost of losing access to excellent customer support and mechanical warranty.

The downtime, loss of business, and replacement of faulty spare parts will come at a cost. Therefore, we can’t stress enough the importance of original spare parts to ensure you get access to the aftercare service for your UV system.

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