We UVcare is Berson UV, Hanovia UV and Aquionics UV working together to protect the World’s water without using chemicals


Remote Monitoring of Pool UV Disinfection from Aquionics

The new UV Connect™ wireless logging device from Aquionics allows pool owners to remotely monitor the performance of their UV disinfection systems. The logger plugs into any UV system and works with a complimentary application to make UV system information available for remote monitoring on the user’s smart phone or tablet device.

UV Connect is the first app to provide users with UV system information. Besides UV systems, it is also capable of remote monitoring other process equipment such as pumps and filters. It provides information on system performance, alarm status, lamp running hours and other critical operating parameters. Push notifications for alarm conditions and special offers are also available.

UV disinfection allows pool owners to reduce the amount of expensive and harsh chemicals required to maintain pool water conditions. UV light targets chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as cryptosporidium on a cellular level, requiring less chemical treatment to achieve adequate disinfection. UV systems also eliminate chloramines, the harmful byproduct of chlorine disinfection responsible for strong odors, skin and eye irritation, and damage to pool equipment.

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