UV Connect

How critical is the UV system to your process? Can you afford downtime? Would it help to have an expert by your side every time you stand in front of the UV system?

UV Connect provides a secure VPN connection from the UV system to one of our regional offices via Talk2M, a cloud-based remote connectivity solution. This allows our UV system engineers to see what you are seeing on the control panel, and recommend the steps needed to resolve problems. The engineer can also make real-time adjustments to the UV system’s software settings to allow for changing site conditions.

Either install UV Connect as a precaution and use as needed, or sign up for a monthly health check and receive a report card outlining the condition of the UV system, any actions you should take to improve performance and a list of upcoming maintenance tasks. Either solution gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have a UV system expert standing by your side.


  • Integrated WiFi or Cellular options, including 4G versions for Europe (EU), North America (NA) or Japan (APAC)
  • Firewall-friendly outbound connection
  • SD card option for easy commissioning
  • Possible to configure the digital inputs to control internet connection with external key switch or to send alarm notification
  • Service includes a regular health check to ensure proper efficiency and function

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