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UV Disinfection provides effective, chemical-free treatment for fish farming

by Dan Shaver, September 2016

The issues of water scarcity and the overall decline in water quality in our environment due to pollution have a direct impact on many industries around the world. When it comes to water in our natural environment, the quantity and quality of water available is an important topic for those in the aquaculture industry. Aquaculture involves activities such as the raising and harvesting of fish and other aquatic species or plant life.

With an increase in water pollution and the discovery of many new invasive species and harmful organisms, new processes are required for fish farming to get the most production out of their facility while providing the highest level of protection against environmental hazards.

UV disinfection is a well-known chemical free treatment option for fish farming because of its ability to provide adequate protection for the fish without the use of harmful and expensive chemicals. In addition, research has shown that UV is an effective method to reduce various parasites, bacteria and virus that are known to attack and harm certain fish species. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0144860905000683

Aquaculture chemical treatment

Depending on the type of fish species being raised, each aquaculture facility usually has concerns about reducing harmful organisms known in their area to affect the growth of the fish population. UV disinfection equipment can be customized to provide varying levels of UV energy (or a specific UV dose) at a wide range of flow rates to meet the needs of each individual facility by targeting these specific harmful organisms.

As a general treatment option, UV can also have an impact on reducing overall algae growth, which can contribute to increased maintenance on equipment. Implementing UV as a chemical free treatment option may also translate into cost savings by reducing the use of antibiotics used to maintain general health in the fish population.

Common installation points for a UV disinfection system within an aquaculture facility are:

  • Facility water intake, after pre-treatment filtration
  • Fish holding tank recirculation system
  • Discharge of the facility wastewater back to the environment

UV disinfection is an excellent option for aquaculture facilities looking to maximize their production yields while reducing mortality rates caused by harmful parasites, bacteria and virus. This simple formula can contribute to a healthy bottom line.

More information on the Aquaculture industry can be found on the World Aquaculture Society website at: https://www.was.org