UV Swim U

UVSwim U makes cleaner, safer pool water.

UV Swim is a new and improved generation of UV water treatment systems engineered for pools, spray pads, spas, and other aquatic applications. Because it’s from us, it builds on our exceptional heritage of products and is chosen by leading pool operators across the country.

It’s an ideal system to use as an add-on to the existing facility or built-in during new construction. The UV Swim gives you cleaner water, with minimal effort. Standard features include automatic wiping, over temperature, protection, automatic dose control, and power stepping.

The UV Swim U is more efficient and environmentally friendly, and offers better features than any range we’ve ever created. So whatever kind of pool you have, UV Swim is designed to deliver the next level of performance.

UV Swim U

Possible location of UV systems in a typical Pools and Leisure water system.

Pools and Leisure water system