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UV Technology for Municipal Water Applications

Municipal Water Disinfection can greatly benefit from UV Technology. UV water treatment systems can be applied in reuse water, drinking water, and wastewater disinfection applications. Earlier this week our EMEA team hosted a webinar walking through these different municipal water applications that UV can be used for. Click on the video below to view the webinar.

There are a number of regulations and regulatory bodies worldwide to help ensure water quality coming out of water treatment plants. Can UV help to meet these regulations in an effective manner?

“It is necessary to be able to comply to the regulations. UV is accepted worldwide and is widely used as a disinfection technology that is superior to other methods.”

Why is UV disinfection effective for use in Drinking Water applications?

“The majority of source water will need to be processed through a plant… The removal of organic and inorganic matter will pass through several stages of separation and filtration. Once most of the water course impurities are removed, the introduction of UV can be located to further reduce the risk of microorganisms passing down stream… Many plants will utilize chlorine as their primary optimization process as a continued disinfection from treatment to tap. Although chlorine is an excellent disinfectant it will still be at risk of chlorine resistant protozoa… for this reason there is a strong argument to include UV as a secondary disinfectant process to minimize the risk to human health.”

Looking for more information on how UV Disinfection can be helpful in Municipal Reuse Water, Drinking Water, and Waste Water Applications? One of the members of our sales team would be happy to talk you through any questions you have. Click here to get in touch with our team and we will reach out to you as soon as possible to answer your questions.

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