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UVShield™ and Water Leak Detector

How do you know the UV lamp is on? Older UV systems used to have a view port you could look into. But pressing your eye against a lens and looking at a 3.5 kW UV lamp could be intimidating. Many systems have the UV chamber and electrical control panel in different rooms. Without walking back and forth, how can you tell if the lamp is powered. This is where the new UVShield™ comes in.

Hanovia systems have been designed with our customers in mind, making them easy to install, integrate and operate. UV light can be harmful and therefore the systems need to be serviced by trained technicians. As part of ongoing product development Hanovia has now designed UVShield™ an enhanced lamp power indicator with power cut out, which is fitted to the access points of each lamp. This provides a visual indicator if a lamp is still powered on, alerting the operator not to remove it from the chamber thus preventing any exposure to harmful UV rays and potential electrical shock. If an operator ignores the warning and tries to remove the lamp the built-in cut out switch will remove power to the lamp.

Along with the UV shield a water leak detector can be installed. This feature offers additional safety in the event there is a break in the lamp or quartz tube. A signal is available to the plant control system allowing for flow to be stopped. Furthermore, it refers to the sealing of the protective quartz sleeve which is sealed against the UV chamber. If the seals are damaged or not installed correctly, water can leak out and create possible issues.

By: Snejana Nakova

UVShield™ Solution

FeaturesWhat it gives youBenefits for you
Lamp safety cut-out
  • Enhanced protection for operators

  • If an operator forgets to turn off the lamp before servicing the cut-out will remove power to the lamp
  • Provides reduced risk from UV exposure and electrocution
Clear glow indicator
  • Lamp on Indication located on chamber
  • Provides an instant visual indi-cation to see if the lamps are on or off
Easy to install
  • Quick upgrade on existing systems
  • Does not require much down-time. Can be added as part of your next service
NSF 50 compliant
  • Meets latest NSF standard for Aquatics
  • Enhanced personal safety for lifeguards and operators