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What is UVEO technology?

Continuing from my last blog on new water treatment technology such as ultraviolet light (UV) being used for dechlorination to replace activated carbon filtration (ACF), I will now focus on Hanovia UV systems that are powered using Ultraviolet Energy Optimised (UVEO) science. The UVEO technology platform was created taking customer feedback into consideration, to deliver a UV system that uses lower energy and provides more effective water disinfection at higher flows.

Generally, you will find in beverage plants, for process water flow rates over 60 m3/hr, medium pressure (MP) technology will be a better design option than low pressure (LP) lamps as there will be fewer lamps used and the complete MP system will have a smaller footprint. If the flow rate is much higher, say above 120 m3/hr, then you may even require multiple LP systems to provide effective treatment. With MP pressure systems you could provide the treatment using one system, although at these higher flows, you may require a multi-lamp MP system to deliver the treatment capacity required. Either way, you will need to replace core consumables over time, and the push is always to reduce operational costs and improve the efficiency of key components in a UV system, like the lamps.

So, what if you could replace multi-lamp or multiple systems in a beverage plant with one system using one MP lamp that had the capacity to treat process water at higher flows? Space-saving alone would be a key factor, but you would also have a significant operation cost saving with fewer replacement consumables.

This is now a reality with a UVEO system which has been designed using the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology, and has been third-party USEPA validated. The system maximises flow efficiency by matching lamp position with inlet/outlet nozzle orientation, and incorporates a unique baffle system to concentrate water flow close to the single UV lamp to deliver the most effective treatment. The UVEO system can treat up to 600 m3/hour flow with a single lamp, and provides protection against bacteria such as E. coli and cryptosporidium.

The system is equipped with a smart control that allows you to display process water conditions such as dose being delivered and even the log reduction of the target organism. If the UV lamp intensity reduces inside the chamber – which could be the result of lamp degradation or water UV transmittance decreasing – the control adjusts the electronic ballast to provide a step up in power delivered to the lamp, maintaining the required dose or log reduction. Another key benefit is the overall system configuration. A hygienic axial flow chamber design fitted with FDA-compliant materials in contact with water is complemented by an intuitive HMI display with simple graphics on a compact controller for ease of operation and a comprehensive I/O package to support monitoring and maintenance.

In summary, the science behind UVEO looks at performance of water flowing through a chamber and matches an MP lamp accordingly to optimise treatment, and saves energy by using intelligent sensor technology to control power use.

You can get more details about UVEO technology on the Hanovia website by , or alternatively you can call in to have a chat with one of our experts.

Watch the PureLine UVEO product video…

By Gunvinder Bhogal – Global Marketing Manager (Aquionics, Berson, Hanovia)

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